5 Advantages of Hiring Contract Employees.

Struggling to fill your Permanent position? Have you ever thought about Contractor? It’s often difficult to decide between whether permanent or contract is the best option, so here are 5 advantages of hiring contractor employees to help!

1. Shorter hiring process:

The hiring process for contract employees is far quicker than permanent roles meaning it’s a more time effective way to temporarily expand your team. Due to the nature of a contractor’s job, they are usually available to start immediately or with short notice. This means that if you only have a limited amount of time to meet demands and need a fast solution to avoid overworking your current employees and stop burnout, hiring employees who are contractors will be far more beneficial then going on a long process of finding permanent staff to commit to the business.  

Similarly, it also allows your company to test run roles and different employees on a short term basis before committing to permanent staff. As the contract employee will be aware that they are only hired for a temporary amount of time, they will often be extremely motivated as they know they need to make a good impression and a strong positive impact on their colleagues and employer almost immediately.  It can also act as a trial run to see how the candidate would perform within your company and how they would fit within the company’s culture and other employees.

2. Flexibility:

Temporary contract employees will be far more flexible and will be more inclined to meet your company’s needs. This therefore allows your company to meet the demands and needs as and when they change without having to commit to long term permanent positions.  Contract workers are often a good way of seeing if you would benefit from hiring the employee on a more permanent basis rather than just temporarily. By doing this it will also help your staff to feel more secure and supported in their roles.

By being flexible, it also means that if the contractor only works four days a week or less, they will have more free time. This therefore allows them to exercise a healthier work – life balance which ultimately will make them far more productive in work and less likely to experience burnout, maximising their efficiency meaning that they won’t take as long to complete projects or meet deadlines.

3. Fresh ideas and new perspective:

Bringing in contract employees introduces new ideas and fresh perspectives to the business can be vital for growth – the more contractors that you hire the more people to brainstorm new ideas for the business to help drive success. Contract employees have usually worked in a number of different environments making them very adaptable and also meaning they have knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. They usually would’ve worked for a variety of different clients in multiple industries and due to this exposure they can bring insights into how other companies are doing things.

4. Cost effective :

As shown in the visual below, hiring a contractor is far more cost effective than having a permanent member of staff employed. Not only do you avoid the expenses such as pensions, bonuses and the recruitment fees associated with permanent staff, you also avoid the time spent by your employees having to interview the new potential hires. This therefore is another great perk of expanding your team and ensuring your company stays on budget by encouraging new hires to be under a contract rather than being permanent. When you hire a contractor, they often already have the tools and equipment as well as the skill set required to complete the tasks assigned by them. This therefore saves money as training and tools won’t need to be provided to the employee.

5. Fill temporary skill shortages:

Many events can occur within a business which opens up a demand for more employees, things such as employee turnover, long term sickness or maternity/ paternity leave can come at unexpected times for employers, therefore by preparing ahead by having contract workers’ contact details on record in preparation for unforeseen vacancies or temporary skill shortages. This can be a quick fix while you have time to decide if you need to hire someone on a more permanent basis.

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