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Employer Branding

To discover, shape and promote what makes your company unique. From Strategy, to campaign planning and technology, we help companies attract & engage talented candidates through their employer brand.

We know that every organization is unique and has a story to tell. We're here to help you tell it!

Whether you are looking for a full employer brand strategy, or just a short-term campaign to attract and engage candidates, we can help!
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Employer Brand

Discovery & Strategic Audit

  1. Discovery

    The Employer Brand Discovery and Strategic Audit projects are research based activities carried out by our team of employer brand specialists at Holler, designed to deliver a clear strategy to meet your unique employer brand objectives. Each discovery activity ranges from careers page audits, employee engagement measurement, right through to the creation of bespoke employer brand architecture and strategies for your organisation.

  2. The Audit


    1. Define Your Objectives
    2. Review Talent Acquisition
    3. Provide Employer Brand Perception Analysis
    4. Implement an Internal Employer Brand Team
    5. Conduct EVP Research & Discovery 
    6. Build Employer Brand Architecture
    7. Deliver Employer Brand Campaign Plan & Management 
    8. Measure Results
  3. The Benefits


    • Develop a unique employer value proposition (EVP) 
    • Build a bespoke employer brand architecture
    • Discover the best way to promote your employer brand 
    • Create consistency in brand messaging and recruitment marketing
    • Reduce your cost per hire
    • Streamline your recruitment process & enhance the candidate experience

Social Identity & Channel Management

  1. Social Identity

    79% of job seekers have used social media in their job search in the last year. Here is why we offer a variety of services in this area. Whether you want to build your presence on LinkedIn or are in need of an exciting Instagram plan, we can tailor a solution for you!

  2. Benefits

    Benefits of using Social Media for your Employer Brand

    • To provide a window into your company culture and environment
    • To share employee stories and employer brand content
    • To engage candidates for current and future vacancies
    • To build candidate trust and activate employee advocacy
    • To increase your employer brand reach to more relevant candidates
    • To increase your numbers of direct candidate applications
  3. Statistics

    Key statistics for social media recruitment

    • 82% of employees consider the employer’s brand and reputation before applying
    • 91% of all employers are currently using social media as part of their hiring process.
    • 45% of recruiters post content on social media to engage with candidates.
    • 21% of recruiters admit to rejecting a candidate after looking them up on Facebook.
  4. Building Your Social Channels

    Looking to get started with social media for your employer brand? We can build branded pages for your careers presence, start to build up a relevant following of candidates and populate each channel with content to help you on your way

  5. Content Calendar / Content Creation

    Keeping your social channels updated regularly is essential for a strong employer brand presence. If you have internal resources to manage this we can create a bespoke content calendar, provide your team with the tools and training to effectively manage your organic social campaigns, and be on hand to assist you where needed. Our employer brand team can also create unique content on your behalf including blogs, images and videos to include in your marketing schedule.

  6. Social Media Management

    Want our social media team to manage your social channels for you? We can populate your feeds with relevant employer brand content, bespoke media and graphics, live vacancies plus react to post engagement on your behalf.

  7. Targeted Paid Social Media Campaigns

    Want to get your employer brand content / live vacancies in front of more relevant candidates? Targeted paid social media campaigns could be the perfect solution for you.Our team of marketing experts will build out campaigns on your behalf, from one-off candidate attraction drives to long-term social campaigns, ensuring your content and brand gets noticed by the right people.

  8. Employee Advocacy Activation

    Looking to engage your employees, increase social reach and build trust in your employer brand? Then an employee advocacy program could be just what you are looking for. We can create your unique hashtag(s), deliver your employer advocacy plan, educate your employees on best practise and track engagement levels through our Holler technology suite.

Candidate Attraction & Engagement

  1. Campaigns

    Inbound traffic is the goal for all companies. Whether that is for job applications or sales for a product – it is the end goal that we can help you to achieve.

  2. Benefits

    Benefits of a campaign to attract and engage candidates

    • Your job advert is written, optimized and posted across major job boards and social channels.
    • The focus on highlighting your culture, environment and employer brand is designed to engage relevant candidates.
    • Targeted social and digital marketing gets your brand and vacancy noticed by the right candidates.
    • You get visibility of all direct applications, with an option to manage through your own Holler ATS.
    • Content and media is created to increase candidate engagement alongside your targeted job adverts.
    • Reduced cost-per-hire and less reliance upon recruitment agencies.

Employer Brand Promotion

  1. Campaigns

    Every company has a unique employer brand, whether they actively manage it or not. Promoting yours can unlock a myriad of opportunities for hiring, reputation management and much more.

    Our team of employer brand and marketing experts are here to help tell your unique story, whether that’s through blogs, social posts, videos or even by helping to create employee generated content with your team.

  2. Benefits

    Benefits of promoting your employer brand

    • Showcases an authentic insight to your brand, environment and culture
    • Helps to control reputation and portray positive stories
    • Increases brand awareness and candidate engagement
    • Supports talent pool and candidate attraction objectives
    • Helps to engage employees and activate employee advocacy
    • Can reduce your cost per hire by increasing direct job applications
  3. Blogs and Articles

    Having won industry awards and presented at World Employer Branding Day events, our team of talented marketers will create compelling content to showcase your employer brand. We can promote all of the positive elements about working for your company, highlight specific job functions / departments, conduct employee interviews and even share industry focused content to engage a specific audience.

  4. Bespoke Media and Video

    Visual assets are an essential part of every marketing strategy, so when it comes to employer brand we can help bring yours to life through bespoke media including graphics, podcasts and video.

  5. Employee Generated Content

    Sometimes the most compelling employer brand content content comes straight from your employees’ smartphones! We can help bring this to life through a content plan, employee advocacy campaign or by editing raw footage into a slick employer brand video for you.

  6. Social Posts - Organic and Paid

    Once you have your awesome employer brand content you will want to share it to the right audiences! We can help deliver your content through both organic posts and targeted social media campaigns.

  7. Bespoke Content Campaigns

    Depending on your objectives, timescales and budget, we can create a tailored campaign plan to suit you including any of the above services. To find out how we can help, or to submit an enquiry please click below.