The exact reason we were born! As we strive towards becoming the global authority in IT Recruitment, our limits are endless. We have multiple brands, solutions, and services to accomplish every aspect of your tech recruitment or employee lifecycle, from hire to retire.

Our award-winning recruitment solution allows you to plug in to what you need the most

Recruitment Process

Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, and selecting the most qualified candidate for a job vacancy. Here are the typical steps involved in a recruitment process:

  1. Identify the hiring need

    We delve into your company identifying your recruitment requirements, skills, experience, responsibilities, cultural fit or diversity and inclusion strategy – to allow us to seamlessly ingrain completely into your recruitment process.

  2. Job exposure

    Creating a job description based on your requirements, this advert will be promoted across platforms including Indeed and LinkedIn, as well as our Searchability website, to create instant inbound traffic.

    As well as creating social media posts on our personal social media profiles that are created for each and every Recruitment Consultant.

  3. It’s a match

    We have to evaluate multiple requirements from a client and candidate point of view.

    From base salary and benefits to working policies and cultural fit. We work with both ends to understand achievable goals.

    Looking at technical capabilities, location, motivation to move, culture and much more to make sure it’s a match for both the client and the candidate.

  4. Interview time

    We require interview availability from both ends so we can get our candidates booked into the recruitment process as soon as possible. Maximising efficiency at this stage has a huge impact on candidate experience and hiring success in the tech market.

  5. It’s offer time

    Candidate fits the job? We go ahead and communicate to candidates that they have succeeded successfully and have a job offer, including salary and benefits.

  6. Aftercare

    Once the offer has been confirmed, our candidate care team now takes the reins. We send over a document full of advice on facing counter offers, handing in a notice and tips for their first day. All ensuring a smooth transition and successful start in their new role.

The competition to hire the best and be the best talent will increase in years to come, but if you are the best in what you do then you will always be ahead of the game

Martin Blythe - Searchability