We have seen the tech scene dramatically change. From emerging technologies on groundbreaking innovations and pioneering business ideas – the technology sector is only expanding. Businesses are constantly looking to improve their operations and stay competitive. Lucky we are amongst it all! We have access to thousands of data points and company insights, so we can keep you updated with culture, salary and motivational trends to help you maximise success in your recruitment process.

Digital transformation is changing the world so you must stay competitive!


Every hire starts with a data-driven approach, and we’ll always share these key insights with you.

  1. Discovery Dive

    Let us kick off our recruitment partnership with a detailed discovery dive into your company’s employer brand and your vacancy’s talent market. Our free advice will help you maximise opportunities for direct talent attraction and ensure your opportunity is competitive in the market.

  2. Market snapshot

    We can provide you with location and job role specific companies that are hiring this talent, salary and motivations for a career for this type of candidate.

    Through LinkedIn insights and reports our data is verified by the 875 million registered users and over 58 million registered companies. Our pragmatic approach to support your recruitment process allows us to help you shape your  recruitment process and create an award winning hiring strategy.

  3. Digital Career Quiz

    Choosing the right path in your career can become complicated, especially if you don’t know the options or where to start.

    Over at Klickstarters, our sister company for individuals first starting out in tech, we have created a digital career quiz that can point you in the right direction. It includes a comprehensive report that works out a career for you based upon your personality type, work values, and skills.

  4. Motivations

    Speaking to candidates every day is what we do. Gaining direct access to why candidates are actively wanting to move on from their current role.

    With access to these insights you can create a benefits package that will entice candidates straight to your company. Extrinsic factors that look into bonuses, status, location perks etc. need to be monitored when placing candidates in the right role alongside intrinsic factors such as role impact, challenge and personal growth. The more you analyse these factors and motivations you can create inbound traffic and noise around your company!

Data is essential

  1. Harness instant data

    Market insights help organizations collect the most accurate view of candidate data and trends at any given moment. Data-driven reports gives leaders a more comprehensive view of the hiring landscape. So you can make accurate decisions and workforce investments. You can optimise proficiency, identify changes, and evolve your recruitment strategies.

  2. Make better decisions

    In a data rich world, you need to be engaged with this data to reduce costs and time to hire. Optimizing this data can help tackling challenges of diversity and inclusion as well as building better relationships.

  3. Be ahead of the game

    A strong brand whether that be personal or company, this needs to be a priority  to succeed. Effectively communicate your USPs to your target audience sharpens your image and positioning in the market.