As the Gaming industry grows massively Searchability are helping to do just that. Assisting companies to find those passionate individuals who want to immerse themselves into the world of gaming.

Example Roles we have filled...

  • Senior 3D Animator
  • Lead Character Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Senior Gameplay Engineer
  • Game Engineer
  • Programmer (Unreal Engine)

Case Study

Heart Machine

The Story

Founder Alx created a crowdfunding campaign for indie game Hyper Light Drifter, but upon revealing the concept people fell in love with the art style, and narrative and they ended up landing much more funding than they ever dreamed possible. 2013, saw the rise of Alx’s company Heart Machine, created due to Al’s medical issues that inspired him to immerse himself into the world of art and video games in the first place. Heart Machine create Fantasy ARPG games, with a vivid highly stylized art style. With a big focus on; narrative, sound design and endearing characters. Since Hyper Light Drifter, each game has been more ambitious than the last! With Solar ash (their first 3D and console-first game) being released in 2021. They are currently growing the team for the release of the latest in the Hyper Light series: Breaker. This game encapsulates everything that makes Drifter great and kicks it up a notch, with endless open worlds thanks to their foray into procedurally generated levels, and is the first of their games with multi-player capability!

The Brief

Heart Machine has a dedication to push the envelope in technical innovation and progress development techniques, to be the best and their growth plan is ever-more ambitious. This is where we come in! Searchability have worked exclusively with founder Alx to scale Heart Machines; Engineering, Art, Production, Design & Sound departments to find exceptional talent who can not only do the tasks set, but also bring idea’s to the table to continue to innovate and ensure that Breaker and all the games that follow continue to break new ground and leave their stamp on the games industry.

The Delivery

Constantly delivering the talent required for Heart Machine, when speed and quality have been paramount! A shining example of this is when 2 senior gameplay engineers were needed ASAP due to impending deadlines, and between 18th December and New years eve both Senior Gameplay engineers were placed and had started before Mid-January.