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Search engine submission is the process of registering or adding a website directly to an Internet search engine to make them aware of the website’s presence. Search engine submission is part of search engine optimization. It is sometimes seen as a way to promote a website, but it’s actually no longer necessary because most of the major search engines today have the capability to find the websites without submission. Therefore, search engine submission services are no longer necessary. In fact, automated search engine submission may violate some search engines’ terms of service, creating problems for the website. However, two possible reasons for search engine submission may be to add an entirely new website when the operators don’t want to wait for a search engine to discover them or to update a website or web page in the respective search engine.

There are two basic methods of search engine submission still in use today: a webmaster can either submit just one web page at a time. Or, they can submit their entire site at one time with a sitemap. However, all that a webmaster really needs to do is to submit just the home page of a web site. Provided the website is well designed, most search engines are able to “crawl” a site.


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